• Tunisia

    The Ben Ali regime was marred by widespread corruption and subversion of the rule of law. Tunisian lawyers have played a key role both in opposing human rights abuses and consolidating the transition to democracy.

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  • All shall be equal before the law - South Africa Grafitti

    South Africa

    Apartheid was a highly legalistic system of institutional racism. Its design, implementation and demise reflects the best and worst of lawyering.

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  • Palestine City Scape


    Palestinian lawyers face numerous challenges including intimidation, working within the impaired legal and penal systems of the Occupation, and managing large caseloads with limited resources.

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  • The Temple Mount Israel: https://www.flickr.com/photos/66309414@N04/6341137031


    The rule of law has played a central role in the construction of national identity in Israel.

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  • Grafitti in Chile


    During the Pinochet regime a core of human rights lawyers documented abuses, challenged them before Chile’s courts, and brought them to the attention of the international community.

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  • Angkor Wat Temple Cambodia


    Rebuilding a legal system in the wake of systematic executions, extreme violence and widespread intimidation has presented considerable and ongoing challenges.

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